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In my mid twenties I wrote a series of feature and short film scripts as a hobby. That passion has now generated to aspiring to have my work published. On my Short Stories Pages read some of my sample work.

The Treeman’s Curse

‘The Treeman’s Curse’ is a book I have originally self-published. I am in the process of re-writing it with the goal to submit it to a publishing house. There are 5 books in the Treeman’s Curse series.


Over the years I have written blogs around my travel experiences, thoughts and feelings inspired by present day themes and about the journey of how The Treeman’s Curse was first self-published. Visit my Blogs page to read more.

Blog Listings

  • Short Story: PERSPECTIVE

    23rd Sep 2020 by

    Shorefronts faded from view as a sprinkle of water sprayed from the ocean and onto Marcas’s arm. He didn’t flinch, his mind distracted by two objects – a stamped, unopened envelope flapping around in his left hand, and a pair of shoes tied to the edge of the rail at the stern of the boat. ‘You care for a slice of… Read more

  • Short Story: Fatal Sandwich

    28th Aug 2020 by

          ‘Brad broke up with me.’       Gemma expected her two friends to overreact. They didn’t disappoint. Domino, Ellie’s cat, jumped across the coffee table and onto Gemma’s lap. His paws wrapped around her left leg and gently massaged her skin.        ‘Crappy excuse no doubt?’ Brenda never held back.        ‘Give you at least… Read more

  • Short Story: STRATEGY

    26th Jun 2020 by

        Jagged rays of sunlight slip through the cracks in the blinds as a magpie squawks its harmonious melody outside our bedroom window. The challenge begins. I rarely win, mostly due to strong resistance from my challenger. I enjoy the contest. If successful, the fruits of victory are extremely satisfying.        Two ridges lay under… Read more


    13th Jun 2020 by

    One person clutches firmly on to the handbrake while the other has their foot planted on the accelerator. Neither gives an inch. The result, is a build-up of wasted energy, channelled in all the wrong directions. Instead of moving forward, you spin around in circles. The result is you end up going, nowhere, backwards, not… Read more

  • Her Gaze

    20th May 2020 by

    Five minutes earlier and John’s day could have been different. Instead, he sat in his rain splattered car, unable to forget the pleasurable groans of his wife as she and the man who replaced him in their bed embraced passionately.         Beeeeeep! John snapped out of his trance. His foot kissed the accelerator then jumped… Read more

  • Short Story: Lemon Tree Plantation

    23rd Apr 2020 by

                 Why was I sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car? Holding half a lemon? I had woken from a deep sleep after subconsciously squishing it against a gash across my forehead. It stung like crazy.        The front and back doors were stuck, the windows smashed. The seat… Read more

  • Short Story: My Protector

    8th Mar 2020 by

    Fiona loosened the latch of the large metal gate. As it came ajar, I poked my way through a tiny gap and rushed out to embrace the open spaces it guarded. I loved the park and exploring its mysteries, particularly its smells. Whenever my friends were there, we’d chase each other through the play area,… Read more


    27th Feb 2020 by

        That growl. I knew it well. Why did mum insist I retrieve her golden, leathery handbag that she left at her place? She knew he didn’t like me.      There was a history between her loyal guard and I. The daunting presence of his dark shadow lingered by the door, waiting for me, watching… Read more

  • Short Story: Why Me?

    9th Feb 2020 by

    Why am I doing this? The question haunts me as my butt firms into a stool at the bar. An overdose of aftershave and perfume surrounds me, a reprieve from the damp smell of beer I associated with the place.       ‘Rough day, mate?’ inquires the bartender.       Was it that obvious? The night before,… Read more

  • Short Story: The Inheritance Letter

    21st Nov 2019 by

    Oscar Crew! His name stared back at him from the front of an unaddressed envelope. Hidden within the thin paper package was a letter, one he had waited years to read.  ‘A strange item to leave in a will,’ thought Genevieve, studying the letter in Oscar’s hands.      ‘Dad was always very secretive about it,’… Read more

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