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In my mid twenties I wrote a series of feature and short film scripts as a hobby. That passion has now generated to aspiring to have my work published. On my Short Stories Pages read some of my sample work.

The Treeman’s Curse

‘The Treeman’s Curse’ is a book I have originally self-published. I am in the process of re-writing it with the goal to submit it to a publishing house. There are 5 books in the Treeman’s Curse series.


Over the years I have written blogs around my travel experiences, thoughts and feelings inspired by present day themes and about the journey of how The Treeman’s Curse was first self-published. Visit my Blogs page to read more.

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  • Short Story: Silent Achievement

    26th Sep 2019 by

    Suspicion lured me into the animal enclosure at the local show. It was the one place I had hoped to avoid. My allergies to the scattered hay and animal hair triggered a rash under my jowls, but the rewards would be worth it. Within this farmer’s haven was a cryptic word that would win me… Read more

  • Short Story: Awakening

    22nd Aug 2019 by

    An ink-stained shirt on the motionless body on the apartment floor intrigued Detective Brugman.            “Where have I seen this stain before?” he questioned.            He pulled out his notebook and began scribbling on its small, recycled pages, before flipping back to another note.            “An elderly neighbour said they heard a shrill, piercing cry around noon yesterday,”… Read more


    10th Aug 2019 by

    BOOKS ARE PEOPLE This is an interesting metaphor but when one considers how people judge a book, the similarities are quite frightening. First and foremost, people judge a book by its cover. It is the initial contact that sparks a connection between book and potential reader. They analyse the cover, working out whether it is… Read more


    10th Aug 2019 by

    BREAKING THE COMFORT ZONE      I must confess: I am guilty of contradiction! How may you ask? Quite simply, I have allowed the preacher side of my professional side of life to not filter into my private side. Yesterday was a rather eye-opening day and one that made me strongly consider just how vital it… Read more

  • Short Story: Mystery at the Masquerade Ball

    27th Jul 2019 by

    The annual Cancer Fundraiser Ball, a party of great importance, was in full swing. Fixated on the spectacle before me, I monitored all the guests with interest. Most were wealthy, arrogant pricks, prancing around wearing masquerade masks and rather expensive costumes to complement them.  The air was thick with envy. Guests within their clicks murmured… Read more


    27th Jul 2019 by

         Like ‘The Ring’ at the beginning of J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy fiction classic “The Lord of the Rings’, my book has faded out of recent memory. It has felt like it has gone from fact, to rumour and now dwindled away into a myth.  While it has never been far from my mind and the… Read more


    27th Jul 2019 by

           Overthinking – what a curse it is. It can make those who appear completely sane on the outside crippled by the madness they create within their mind. It’s the duck on the pond analogy:  They look cool and calm on the outside, but underneath the surface, their legs are going a mile a minute.… Read more

  • Short Story: The Old Woman in the Laundromat

    15th Jul 2019 by

    Thank God the council hadn’t ripped down the old laundromat. My machine had broken down and the repairman wanted to charge top dollar to fix it.          The smell of body odour and cigarette smoke hit me the moment I opened the doors. The decaying eighties décor needed replacing and the rattling of the ancient… Read more

  • Short Story: The Dating Game

    15th Jul 2019 by

    Find the candle! One of three instructions Johnathon received in a single text from a girl he had never met. He didn’t even know her name yet here he was, sitting at a candlelit table on a secluded beach; the stars shining above him and the tide edging closer to where he sat.        A… Read more

  • Short Story: The Dilemma of Change

    15th Jul 2019 by

    I awoke! Where was I? I didn’t know what had happened to me only that something did. A cold chill settled on my outer layer but I could not feel it. Numbness had captured my body. I sensed that my internal structures were broken.  They had always been brittle and were prone to that happening.… Read more

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