Like ‘The Ring’ at the beginning of J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy fiction classic “The Lord of the Rings’, my book has faded out of recent memory. It has felt like it has gone from fact, to rumour and now dwindled away into a myth.  While it has never been far from my mind and the goals I continue to want to achieve with it are still in my plans, life has become the obstacle that has put up a blockade in its progress. A lack of confidence in the end product and the rushed process to get it completed also has stalled its potential growth. Eight and a half boxes full of books remain sealed and untouched in my spare room, waiting to be unleashed upon the world, and yet, the opportunity to allow this to occur has not come to pass, until recently.

     I have been training at the popular gym franchise Functional 45 (aka F45) for a good 9 months. In a way, my journey there is similar to the path ‘The Treeman’s Curse’ must take: Happy where I was, but with hard work dedication and more attention to detail (in my case: diet), you can achieve great results. I had become complacent with the book, satisfied that I had the achievement of being published and understood, and allowed the conclusion: If I had completed the process properly, instead of just a great story, it would be eradicated of its inconsistent and below standard writing in sections of its pages. It was an advertisement via social media that sprung some life back into the book’s sails: The opportunity had been presented.

     At first, like most of my mindset had been with the post-production of the book, were the thoughts of darkness. “Why bother?” “No one wants to read it.” “The book has weaknesses, and best they are rectified be I once again release it back into the wild.” “You have already spent $13,000 on the process, cut your loses and move on.” However, a changed thought process, inspired by my experience at F45, I decided to take up the opportunity being offered. They were looking for people to donate gifts towards goody bags to give to new and existing members as part of the celebrations. It was mainly discount vouchers or business promotions of sorts they were looking for, but I thought I would ask one of the managers whether I could bring in a few copies of my book to give away. To my great surprise, she said yes!

        I thought I would donate a boxful of my book; hopeful members that had children, who like to read, may take a copy. What generated from this experience, I could not have fathomed. Kids, who came on the day of the first birthday of celebrations, along with some of the members, were quite excited by the fact I had attempted to write and publish a book. While some where more excited by the bouncy castle, the yoga stall, and the free samples of awesome smoothies from Agatha’s, a local café down by the beach near where I live, my book had become a talking point much greater than I could have imagined.

       Before I knew it, I was signing books and before long, the box had emptied. It was another chance to get the book out to the public and hope to receive some feedback, which in turn, would aid me when I go through the long, slow process of rewriting and improving it to send to a publishing company. Since that day, I have had members come up to me and let me know what chapter their child was up to, or even read the book themselves. One member has even written some feedback, which I plan to read today.

       This little spark, whether it was a successful venture or another failed attempt to lure the book out into the public eye, has helped ignite my passion for writing again. In the dark and gloomy times of the books life span, light has again started to flicker in its journey to becoming the book I know it can be.


      The illusive battle of trying to find that special someone has haunted me for a good eight years. I have dated or had dates with some amazing woman, who I have thought connection was definitely there, but as my situation has it, obviously not. The social media style dating infuriates me and I don’t have the confidence to go up to people at the gym, or ask girls who I think may be interested, as I fear that the same result will happen. Well, there was one lovely lady I had a couple of dates with earlier in the year that matched this credential. Two great dates, followed by ‘you are a nice guy but . . .’ Those words are imprinted in my mind. However, this experience presented an idea that has lead to inspiration.

     Early on, when we first started talking on line, the girl I was talking to pose the game of 20 questions. Being the over thinker I am, I wasn’t sure which style of 20 questions she wanted to play. Guess the object? Twenty questions to get to know you?  Well as it turned out, it was the latter. So she asked me 20 questions, as I did her. I wanted to be a bit creative with my questioning technique. Boring is never interesting! So one of the questions I asked her was “If I was to read you a bedtime story, what three things would you like included in it?”  It is a question interests me and would love to hear how people would respond to that question.

       Intrigued by the question, she didn’t have any doubt on what the three key ingredients needed to be to concoct a recipe for success. The three items were: angel wings (as she has an infatuation with feathers), a castle (a love for fairy tale and romance) and her horse (who she loves to ride and look after every day. While, again, the couple of dates and prior conversation seemed to go well but failed to go any further, the idea inspired me to challenge myself to write a story. I started by writing a chapter each night, then sent it to her via email. Well, I got up to Chapter 12 before our time came to an end. I had promised her that I would continue to send the story until it finished, but while she politely said she would be interested, I read through the lines that contact with her was no longer required.

        From a simple opportunity, I have spent the last 2 to 3 months completing a story based around a Christmas theme. I will post the first chapter I have written and would love to hear feedback (for those who read it) whether or not it captures your attention, or should be shelfed. It is aimed at 6 to 12 year olds but designed to be a book read together by all the family. Not wanting to give away my full intentions for the idea, it is something that would be presented in quite a unique style. Look forward to hearing your opinions.

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