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    8th Apr 2023 by

    ‘Three-hundred-year-old tapestries. Five-hundred-year-old medieval weaponry. Not even a glance. But this?’ Fredrick’s voice was exceedingly loud. Not that William could hear him. His jaw movements and the urgency in his signing gave it away. Wearing the overpriced headphones, like their classmates who wandered the museum with the narrator waffling in his ear, did not help.… Read more


    27th Apr 2022 by

          A minute! That is all it took for the culprit to execute their criminal act. Twenty-two anxious pairs of eyes saw my expression when I discovered the delinquent act. Their mouths were open, heads turning in unison like a pack of sideshow clown heads, attempting to mask their emotions and bluff my intuition.             … Read more

  • Short Story: The Memory Tree

    27th Apr 2022 by

          All Janet wanted was for her father to remember who she was. Ten years she had spent searching for what could cure her father’s dementia. It was a tip from her friend, Monica, that led her to Shung Chi Chen’s ‘Mystical Wonders’ store. There she stood, waiting, breathing in the aromas of burning incense,… Read more

  • The Silhouette Man

    13th Nov 2021 by

       ‘One item?’    ‘Quite peculiar, don’t you think?’      Click! Through the blinds of the apartment opposite Gemma and Grace, the silhouette of a man snapped a suitcase shut. The noise swirled in the breeze from his apartment to where the girls spied on him.      ‘The third time this week,’ said Gemma.     … Read more

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