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  • Short Story: My Worthy Companion

    24th Oct 2019 by

    Endless possibilities, untouched and vulnerable, stare at me from the shelf. Their pages whisper to me, wanting to be read; their melody, music to my ears. The bookstore overflows with variety, with front covers fighting for my attention, just like puppies in a pet shop.             There is always that one puppy that captivates you… Read more

  • Short Story: Awaiting Tomorrow

    21st Oct 2019 by

    Catching the train! The “clickety clack” of the wheels hum in my mind like backing vocals in a band while the constant murmur of conversation stimulates my attention. A particular theme has captivated me. There is a common obsession with the tomorrow that awaits.         Ah, tomorrow! Full of unlimited possibilities yet plagued by curses.… Read more

  • Short Story: Silent Achievement

    26th Sep 2019 by

    Suspicion lured me into the animal enclosure at the local show. It was the one place I had hoped to avoid. My allergies to the scattered hay and animal hair triggered a rash under my jowls, but the rewards would be worth it. Within this farmer’s haven was a cryptic word that would win me… Read more

  • Short Story: Awakening

    22nd Aug 2019 by

    An ink-stained shirt on the motionless body on the apartment floor intrigued Detective Brugman.            “Where have I seen this stain before?” he questioned.            He pulled out his notebook and began scribbling on its small, recycled pages, before flipping back to another note.            “An elderly neighbour said they heard a shrill, piercing cry around noon yesterday,”… Read more

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