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  • Short Story: STRATEGY

    26th Jun 2020 by

        Jagged rays of sunlight slip through the cracks in the blinds as a magpie squawks its harmonious melody outside our bedroom window. The challenge begins. I rarely win, mostly due to strong resistance from my challenger. I enjoy the contest. If successful, the fruits of victory are extremely satisfying.        Two ridges lay under… Read more


    13th Jun 2020 by

    One person clutches firmly on to the handbrake while the other has their foot planted on the accelerator. Neither gives an inch. The result, is a build-up of wasted energy, channelled in all the wrong directions. Instead of moving forward, you spin around in circles. The result is you end up going, nowhere, backwards, not… Read more

  • Her Gaze

    20th May 2020 by

    Five minutes earlier and John’s day could have been different. Instead, he sat in his rain splattered car, unable to forget the pleasurable groans of his wife as she and the man who replaced him in their bed embraced passionately.         Beeeeeep! John snapped out of his trance. His foot kissed the accelerator then jumped… Read more

  • Short Story: Lemon Tree Plantation

    23rd Apr 2020 by

                 Why was I sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car? Holding half a lemon? I had woken from a deep sleep after subconsciously squishing it against a gash across my forehead. It stung like crazy.        The front and back doors were stuck, the windows smashed. The seat… Read more

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