Short Story: STRATEGY

    Jagged rays of sunlight slip through the cracks in the blinds as a magpie squawks its harmonious melody outside our bedroom window. The challenge begins. I rarely win, mostly due to strong resistance from my challenger. I enjoy the contest. If successful, the fruits of victory are extremely satisfying. 

      Two ridges lay under the sheets, one on either side of the bed. I, the right bump, slither my hand along the cold gap. No movement stirs from her, the left ridge, however, when threatened, she can shift unexpectedly.      

    I stretch towards the closest of her two mounds, their surface smooth, perky, and firm. Sensual strokes of my fingers circle the circumference. There is intrigue. The point stiffens. Crash! A fallen log falls on my hand. Access is blocked. The path is no longer safe to pursue. My first mistake and a critical loss of time.

     I travel south towards her hidden valley, where my strategy falters on countless occasions. My approach either too soon, too rough, or too prickly. As I approach the sacred ground, two walls rise around my hand. The walls collapse over the valley with my hand wedged between them. Their tension eases, and my hand slips back onto the cold sheet.

     She turns. A peach-shaped rock and curvaceous arched wall confront me. Her vulnerability increases. A window of opportunity. My last roll of the dice.

Her body twitches as I caress my fingers under the curve of the peach. I drift further up her body. Slowly, deliberately, barely touching the surface of the arched wall of her back. Her body quivers, her neck arcs back, a breath leaves her mouth. I’ve found the trigger points. She is putty in my hands.

     Beep! Beep! Beep! The horn of death. Game over.

‘Nice try, baby.’ Her voice leaves a sting. ‘You will have to wait until tonight for another chance to implement the right strategy.’

     My wife kisses my forehead then jumps out of bed. As she leaves the room, she turns, ‘Or if you are quick, you can try again in a new playing field.’

     She winks before her naked body moves towards the bathroom. I hadn’t missed the boat. A bonus round, a chance at redemption – Jubilation.

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